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Warning: Do NOT work with The Adopted Outcast. He is transphobic.

Some of those musicians who are among us may have come across an artist named The Adopted Outcast – real name Bennett Smith. He is American and a regular user on SubmitHub.

IF YOU SUPPORT LGBTQ+ RIGHTS DO NOT WORK WITH The Adopted Outcast real name Bennett Smith.

He is completely against transgender rights, is transphobic, and he is a dangerous and exploitative individual. On top of this, he is always looking for ways to exploit other artists by offering his (not professional level) music production services in exchange for money. He acts friendly but he is an enemy of LGBTQ+ people EVERYWHERE, and his agenda is AGAINST us. Bennett is opportunistic and he is an enemy of LGBTQ rights and freedoms. I will happily provide proof and details to anyone who leaves a comment here. Here is his picture:

The Adopted Outcast a.k.a. Bennett Smith – transphobic and exploitative.

You can also feel free to ask him about it.

He openly admits this.

Here is who I am talking about on spotify:

The Adopted Outcast spotify profile

I do not make this accusation lightly. He is also a fundamentalist christian, which he uses to justify his treatment of transgender persons and his hatred, but his beliefs are his own. However so too are our beliefs in choosing to financially support someone who fundamentally does not respect LGBTQ persons whatsoever.

He is happy to exploit anyone for money.

But please realize that if you choose to work with him or hire his services for music production, you are supporting a person who has stated POINT BLANK that he does not believe transgender persons should have rights whatsoever.

Feel free to leave comments if you would like proof of this statement, I have saved extensive arguments and chats with this individual. Here is his picture as well so you don’t mistake him:

The Adopted Outcast aka Bennett Smith – an enemy of the LGBTQ movement and yet another person exploiting musicians during the pandemic.