Yellow Submarine SVG The Beatles SVG


Yellow Submarine SVG The Beatles SVG vector artwork for cricut cutter ocr 70s svg computer text rock music vector clip art illustration art


This is a handmade recreation I did of the Beatles Yellow Submarine digital computer font OCR logo in yellow and orange shadow with a black stroke outline. I think it turned out lovely. All artwork is grouped by text phrase line and then within this by color and everything has been combined from smooth font-based curves for the paths. Paths are compounded to make recolonization easy for the user, but the color version is accompanied by a simple black text non-shadowed version of the beatles computer text ocr logo flat and in black and white. Artwork us provided as clean cut SVG file with separate objects for each line of text and color, also an elegant simple black solid color version of the logo is provided below the color version as depicted in the images above. Yellow Submarine is copyright the Beatles but I put a super amount of care in creating this hand-carved clean vector version of the logo text so it’s worth it if you like the album or the beatles or the logo style – elegantly simple and optional color laters that separate great for output to a cricut or other craft cutter or vinyl cutter! Have fun.

It’s clipart for a cricut or other vinyl or art cutting machine. The artwork is provided as a vector illustration in SVG format. A color version AND a black and white version are provided. Original illustration done by me in Adobe Illustrator but based on the famous album text logo from the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine album, font is a curvy computer-style digital OCR font from the late 60s and early 70s. Funky, sag to it cuz that yellow submarine is diving so deep that its far out! It’s full of seamen so you should be too! (just a joke).

For personal use only, and not for distribution or duplication. Single individual license and commercial use is prohibited. Copyright ©2018-2019 Matthew John Charlton, All Rights Reserved.


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