Verner Panton Kurve SVG


Verner Panton Kurve SVG vector illustration mask cricut die cut craft cutter collage scrapbooking scrapbook Verner Panton svg curve


Verner Panton SVG vector clip art, of his famous Kurve painting done in VERY clean cut vector lines. This is ULTRA SMOOTH. You’ll be able to use each color to make your own variations, each color is its own separate compound path and the division between the colors is both MATHEMATICALLY exact as well as digitally PRECISE, there are no white gaps or anything messy. Perfect! This is a resolution-independent SVG vector artwork file, perfect for a cricut or similar craft cutting application, for stencils or cut outs or appliqué purposes. The illustration is all in colors, perfectly partitioned for your own coloration.

Vector geometry is copyright Matthew Charlton, original design it is based on is copyright Verner Panton.


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