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Vector Van Gogh PDF Starry Night PDF SVG vector illustration impressionist vector painting public domain Vincent Van Gogh starry night svg


Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting is in the public domain, but no matter how high resolution of a photo you find of it, no one can blow it up wall size and have the result look good – UNTIL NOW. I have painstakingly taken an old photo of mine of this awesome painting, and vectorized the artwork so that YES you can not only print it out wall sized or even paint a massive mosaic on the side of a BUILDING, but ALSO I have turned it into SVG and PDF vector artwork with FOUR different levels of coloration. That’s right folks, mix your paints and you can even use these SVG and PDF files to do STENCILS of Starry Night yourself – in either 30 colors, 15 colors, 10 colors, or 6 colors of paint. These PDF and SVG files took a long time to carve and prepare. Each color resolution of the painting is a separate object labelled with the number of colors it has and each treatment sits on its own artboard named similarly. All the colors within each version are completely flattened and trimmed to each other, one color per compound path. So the 30 color version has 30 compound paths, 15 has 15, etc. You can even use this file to print your own nice and sharp re-print of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous painting – the art is in the public domain, so I was able to legally bring this amazing design craft treatment of it to you. Please be aware and respectful of the hours and hours it took me to do this, however – the price of the download is for your own personal use, and since I’m selling individual copies of the files for a dollar value that is less than 1% of the skilled time it took to make this (even at minimum wage), I need to recoup my efforts putting this together. Therefore I am asking that you respect that the digital files ARE the legal copyrighted work and I ask that you please do not share them – I am granting each customer who buys them a single license to non-commercial use and printing of less than 10 uses of the file data for this artwork. Please encourage your friends to buy a copy if they like as I HAVE priced it low to encourage the appreciation of this great piece of artwork and I do want the audience of those who love it to grow! Van Gogh was very under appreciated in his time.

Have some fun with it, too! You’ll be able to use each color to make your own variations, each color is its own separate compound path and the division between the colors is both MATHEMATICALLY exact as well as digitally PRECISE, there are no white gaps or anything messy. Perfect! This is a resolution-independent SVG vector artwork file, perfect for a cricut or similar craft cutting application, for stencils or cut outs or appliqué purposes – if you have a diverse set of colors. I have included in the swatches of the SVG and the PDF the global swatches for all 30 colors in the treatments (the 15, 10 and 6 color versions are just sub-sets of these 30 colors). Change it up if you like, get trippy! The illustration is all in colors, perfectly partitioned for your own coloration.

Vector geometry is copyright Matthew Charlton, original design it is based on is in the public domain. The digital files are however copyright ©2019 Matthew John Charlton and purchasing them grants the buyer a single-person license to use them to create, reproduce or modify and reprint up to 10 copies of each fixed-color-count vectorization of Starry Night, in whole or in part. Be creative, but please don’t abuse the many many hours it took of skilled design carving to bring this art treat to you. Feel free to send me pictures if you do something cool – like stencil it on the wall of a building, or spread it on the ground for Google Earth, or reprint it with a recolorization that looks awesome. I would love to see where you take it!


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