Seussian Background House SVG


Seussian Background House SVG vector illustration child name files for cricut dr Seuss style digital download kids bedroom door sign


This is an ORIGINAL vector illustration of a Seussian house (in a similar style to Dr Seuss). It’s great to use for a kids bedroom or as a sign etc.

This isn’t from any actual Dr Seuss book but is drawn with a similar, playful and wonky style. Have fun with it!

Artwork is provided in a nice clean SVG file with neat smooth paths compounded by color. A black and white version are also provided in addition to the colorful one. The file is provided as a digital download in SVG format for cutting with a cricut or similar arts & crafts cutters or vinyl cutter etc. Original illustration done in Adobe Illustrator.

Copyright ©2019 Matthew John Charlton, all rights reserved. Please contact me for more flexible licensing, as this digital download is for non-commercial use only and for a single individual.


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