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Seamless Retro Pattern Flowers 05 SVG artwork AI EPS vector illustration cricut seamless pattern svg wall art retro flower wallpaper


If you like 1970s 70s geometric flower patterns or wallpaper (and PERFECT vector seamlessness to pattern tiling), then my funky friend you are in for a treat. I love retro design. I crafted each of these retro flower patterns in the spirit of that love and simple yet colorful and vibrant elegance in design that has such aesthetic strength that it holds up today still so strongly.

Each of these listings presents one in a series of lovely 70s flower design patterns – each and every one is an absolutely geometrically flawless 1970s style bright and sunny seamless retro pattern of flowers or similar foliage presented and colored in a very funky mid-century modern and elegant style. You might flash back to the era if you live through the 1970s or 70s. Some designers might also call these patterns geometric art or Scandinavian folk art wallpaper, or just simply graphic design.

Each pattern geometry and color sets present a unique homage to this aesthetic, and all vector paths are clean and curved with edgre-to-edge trapping and objects are grouped into individual paths compounded by color. Pattern tiling (i.e. edge slicing) is perfect and all vector are flattened. neatly, so no ghosted lines appear in the seamless tiling of the pattern.

I took my time to ensure that I made you a flawless tiling to the pattern, and also broadened the formats you receive in the digital download instantly upon purchase. You get 3 full vector formats SVG, AI (CS version or later) and EPS (CS version or later). Where possible, letter page-sized PNG file(s) are included for raster preview of each pattern. The more advanced formats of EPS and AI also feature professional touches to their structure, included artboards names logically for their contents and both grouped masters of the pattern swatches for 100% scale and 50% scale versions of each pattern which also have flood objects showing their seamless tiling as fills from, you guessed it, one pattern swatch for each scale which can be edited in the new pattern editor from the swatches pallette in Adobe Illustrator CC (relevant versions, probably 2018 and newer.) You can rest easy though if you have an earlier Adobe Creative Suite version. I have saved all the EPS files and AI files for these digital downloads to be compatible with Adobe CS (version 1) or later. So they work with CS, CS2, CS3, etc… CS 5, and of course the new subscription model version by year of Adobe CC. I live and breathe Adobe Illustratorm you can probably guess that by now.

When you consider and compare these patterns and the pricing around this marketplace, it is essential to remember that these are NOT garbage vector files often splattered out into vector shredded useless files by automatic generating scripts. I prepared these lovely patterns one at a time by hand and carve their seamless tiling professionally. They are colored with design skill and path grouping is first object-based and then within these, each object has minimal subdivision into color compound paths ONLY separated by color. pattern swatches are applied to full page rectangular path objects which flood their own artboards with the appropriate fill from the respective pattern swatch. It’s completely clean and elegant, simple and without any gaps or white lines or any other flaws that many supposedly “seamless” patterns suffer from which betrays the truth amateur skill level of their author.

Get these real retro flowers patterns, I have been designing in illustrator for almost 30 years and you will not be disappointed in any of my retro seamless flower patterns – for that matter I stand by all my vector artwork offerings in the marketplace here. File structure and design/paths/cut quality speaks for itself and you will see with any purchased vector art from me that I am uncompromising on seamlessness being absolutely sealed as well as optimizing pattern repeation to eliminate any unnecessary redundancies. Of course as a graphic design I began the designs in retro spirit with modernized color shift and contemporary division of balance in the shape of positive and negative spaces. My influence for overall art direction of each pattern individually as well as the grouped collection was sourced in color/shape design either directly from actual 70s graphic design, industrial deign and wallpaper or was crafted in similar true homager of this golden era of color and shape.

Hopefully you dig the shag carpet vibes and bright sunny spectrum of groovy colors as much as I do, but even if it’s not your style it’s impossible to escape the influence and permanence this true modern graphic design style from the 1970s had and still has today – such balanced aesthetics and lively colors of course still hold up today. Believe it, they always will to at least some extent! Far out!

If you love it then please check out my whole set of 70s flower geometric patterns – I’ve taken the time to craft pro files for more than a half dozen of them or so and you can find them together under their own section of my shop here.Each one is different but have shared spirit and identical professionalism in neatness and skill in their creation as vector patterns. All are original illustrations created and carved by me on my MacBook Pro with my old Wacom Cintiq 21U using Adobe Illustrator CS through present-day CC 2019 versions. Again, backwards compatibility for AI and EPS files is assured all the way back to the first version of Adobe Creative Suite if not earlier. Enjoy! They are beautiful patterns from a flower child era.

For personal use only, and not for distribution or duplication. Single individual license and commercial use is prohibited. Copyright ©2015-2019 Matthew John Charlton, All Rights Reserved.


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