Red Tarantula Backpack.


Red Tarantula Backpack. Handcrafted in 200 hours of labor. Waterproof, washable, lined pockets & padded strap system.

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This backpack is made to order and is shaped like a giant red tarantula – an original three-dimensional design. It features eight legs, two pedipalps, as well as padded shoulder straps and adjustment buckles. It has two large separate zippered pockets – one large and one small.

The pocket is large enough to store a small laptop/netbook, or an iPad, etc. , cell phone, etc – NOT large enough for a laptop/netbook above 13″.

This is a meticulously designed custom backpack – labour-intensive to produce. One of these backpacks takes at least two weeks of intensive work to produce. It is made with love and is part of the Bugasaur series of backpacks. Only the highest quality materials and craftswomanship is used: the backpack is splash resistant, using waterproof nylon and high-quality synthetic fur for construction. The fur is treated with water-resistant spray after manufacture to ensure that this unique item will look great under a variety of weather conditions for years to come. The backpack is manufactured to similar standards as rugged outdoors luggage, is padded and insulated, and the interior is fully lined to protect your valuables. It can be washed on the “gentle” or “hand wash” setting (NO BLEACH) with COLD WATER ONLY in a washing machine, but not dried in a dryer – it may require a fan to fully dry the backpack after washing, and it must be hung up in a well-ventilated area to dry.

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