Optical Illusion SVG 12


Optical Illusion SVG 12 vector illustration characters cricut artwork clip art digital download illustrator silhouettes


This is an complex SVG for advanced users. It is a fantastic optical illusion that I did as a series of optical illusion graphics for a personal study of optical illusions I did over the past three years. It is very cleanly put together, and artwork is in clean compound paths separated by color (this way, you can change the colors if you like). Since it is a higher price SVG and is more advanced, in addition to the usual SVG and PNG file, I have also included the Adobe Illustrator AI file (Creative Cloud version 2019) for those users with Creative Cloud who wish to work with the original art file. Enjoy, this has been very finely crafted and is superb vector artwork you could scale to any size and use on your wall, your fridge, background on your computer, etc. It’s really great!

It’s a digital download and you receive all the files instantly once you buy it. I created them all myself in Adobe Illustrator and it is the culmination of months of study of optical illusions, so the quality of the files reflect this.

For personal use only, and not for distribution or duplication. Single individual license and commercial use is prohibited. Copyright ©2016-2019 Matthew John Charlton, All Rights Reserved.


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