Everything the Indie Spotify Bible has AND MORE in an excel file AND PDF! Contact curators, get heard musicians!


This isn’t the indie spotify bible but it has what that has and more – and it’s in the form you want it in, PDF AS WELL AS excel file. Organize by column, filter by genre, location, whatever you want! Get your information YOUR way, and cheaper!


Are you musician in the new music industry who wants to be heard? Looking for a set of contacts like the indie spotify bible but frustrated that it’s overpriced and badly organized as bulky PDF only? Want the same information and more in a spreadsheet??

We scraped the web for you to gather all the best curator info – what the indie spotify bible has and MORE! And it’s only $20 instead of the bloated $70 or $80 they ask for that bulky, unorganized garbage!

You know what sucks about the Indie Spotify Bible directory of spotify curators and blogs? It’s not sortable by column, it’s poorly indexed for searching, there’s no table of contents and it’s badly organized. Wouldn’t it be great to have the same information – and more -0 as an excel file, as well as a PDF?

Those indie bible guys are assholes too, just looking to exploit artists. The price is crazy! Well we have compiled the same information that they have – contact information for thousands of curators, playlists – across many genres – and more – and we’re not going to charge you $70 for it. We think $20 is reasonable. Save your money for making your music!

And this includes a PDF version of the spreadsheet as well as an EXCEL file of the information so you can sort it and do whatever you want with it! Go to town!

We’d give it away for free except that web scraping all this information took some labor – so after we’ve recouped our cost of that, we WILL be giving all the information here away for free – on torrents, blogs – and none of it is copyright, so those indie bible folks can stop exploiting musicians who just want to be heard.


Please note: This is NOT the indie spotify bible – it has what they have and more, achieved by simple web scraping. Well, actually not so simple. Had to write a series of cascading scripts. Took some time. But it DOES have all that information and more and it’s a spreadsheet so you can organize the information the way YOU WANT. You get a PDF, a numbers document, and an excel file.


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