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Cute Dog SVG tongue out Chihuahua SVG puppy animal pet digital art vector dog lick cartoon character illustration svg dog tongue out


Cute Dog SVG Tongue out Lick! This is a vector illustration I did of our adorable best friend Quentin, who is a beautiful little darling Chihuahua mix. It’s based on a photo of him playing when he was so excited that his tongue was hanging out! Artwork is 100% original done in adobe Illustrator and is provided as an SVG. It’s a SVG puppy, Chihuahua svg, What a character! Quentin as a digital download. Artwork now in color as well as black and white, both provided!

Very comfort! Such artwork. Has drawing character! Dog SVG for you. Have vector and download. Fun!

For personal use only, and not for distribution or duplication. Single individual license and commercial use is prohibited. Copyright ©2018-2019 Matthew John Charlton, All Rights Reserved.

We love you, Quentin!

t shirt shown in the background is for example purposes only and obviously doesn’t come with this listing.


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