Autism SVG ridiculously creative person with autism patch


Autism SVG ridiculously creative person with autism patch zombie fun puzzle made by a Person with Autism vector illustration cricut digital


DISCLAIMER: THIS AUTISM PATCH IS DESIGNED BY ME – AND I HAVE AUTISM. If it offends anyone, then don’t buy it – I live with autism every day of my life , I was diagnosed as a child and have worked on it and continue to with professional help. It has been difficult all my life and I believe that having a sense of humour about it as you overcome the challenges with an attitude of fun & creativity has been a critical component of my progress and even my existence getting this far into life.

My autism journey and creativity has led me to design this wonky autism patch you see here. Frankly, it’s awesome and I wear it myself and love it. It is a very funny and creative autism awareness patch, designed specifically for someone who is autistic but fortunate enough to not only have creative talent but ALSO to have a great sense of humour. Do you have an exceptional friend with autism who is artistic and hilariously funny? Better show this design to them first if there’s even slight chance it could be considered offensive, to make sure they love it. Be sure to say that it was made by a Canadian trans person living with autism. I personally believe that this is the best autism awareness patch for us creative persons living with autism that has EVER been designed.

Why? Look at it!!! It’s HILARIOUS and ARTISTIC! Funny and well-designed, as well as well-intentioned with a modicum of humility! I absolutely LOVE it and so do all my friends who live with autism spectrum disorders. We are fortunate a wonky creative bunch, each of us!

The central character – if it’s not obvious, instead of a child’s head silhouette or something textbook – is a spiral-eyed, awkward and knobbly ZOMBIE character HAHA with the Autism puzzle pieces overlapping the upper right part of his head! Surrounding text reads “RIDICULOUSLY CREATIVE PERSON” (above) “WITH AUTISM” below.

I believe that It’s our right as persons with autism to express our challenges and outlook on autistic life in any healthy way – but some people are more sensitive with their sense of humour, so it’s not for everyone.

If you’re autistic like me and love this design, then please by all means if you like my design and can afford to buy it, please support my creative efforts and buy or wish list my design – most importantly use it and wear it and spread the word that autism can’t get us down – neither from our creative potential nor our laugher and outlook and perseverance!

If you’re not personally autistic and are family, friends or allies, just make sure you know 100% that the person it would be for would fucking love it as much as I do. If it’s a gift for someone you know who is autistic, make sure they are REALLY able to laugh at their own struggles. The humorous nature of this vector design SVG is NOT meant to trivialize anyone’s struggles with autism. Instead, it is meant as self-empowering and energizing of our true gifts and talents as persons; to bring light to the dark by using our gifts to improve our journey in life.

Ultimately, the message is universal whether a person faces mental health issues or not. It is SO important to be able to laugh, have fun and be creative. That’s true for EVERYONE!

Original illustration done in Adobe Illustrator. Artwork is provided in color as well as black and white. Like all of my SVG vector files, you’ll find when you look at the file that objects are made up of clean compound paths separated by color and grouped together sensibly. Smooth curves, precise trapping between objects, you’ll get a professional SVG vector file with clean artwork; your access to the digital download files is instant upon payment. I take great pride in my vector illustration skills and Adobe Illustrator prowess in general, I don’t offer crappy vector artwork because I wouldn’t want that kind of thing myself either!

Artwork is for non-commercial use only, and all designs are copyright ©2018-2019 Matthew Charlton. All Rights Reserved.


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