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What are the best retro shops in Toronto?

Q: What are the best retro shops in Toronto?

JQ: Not all of the best retro shops are in the city centre. However there are a number downtown where they sell stuff they really can’t afford. First we would say the local store with the most experience and knowledge is Jammie Dodgers which specializes in vintage pieces (especially ones from the early 70’s). It’s the best in the city by far and they know their stuff, they even sell your stuff too. They also stock vintage clothes (including stuff from my very first job on the show). Then there is Perennial Clothing in Kensington Market, which is the only store that specializes in denim clothing which is hard to find in Toronto right now. Also there are several other really nice vintage shops downtown and we just recommend all local people visiting downtown for vintage clothing! They just keep it fresh and good. I also like to go to the famous Pender’s in Yorkville and hang out for a few minutes.

Q: Tell us about how your shop’s clothes are made. Can I really see anything without knowing it inside?

JQ: You should never have to tell anyone what you’re putting up for sale at Pender’s. A good example: We sell a number of T-shirt designs you could never get your hands on. We had to ask several years ago “Are

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What are the specs of the new Mac Pro tower?

Q: What are the specs of the new Mac Pro tower? How much power is needed?

A: The Apple A10 Fusion chip which powers the Mac Pro tower comes in at 8.1W maximum, and can pump out 5.6 TFLOP’s of raw performance. With the upcoming Xeon Phi system inside each of the new Mac Pro tower, we’re expecting around 10.9 TFLOPs of raw performance, and an amazing 6x improvement over the previous generation Mac Pro. More details on the new Mac Pro tower are coming, and the next generation of iMacs are going to deliver even more raw performance.

Q: How does this compare to the new iMac?

A: The new iMac Pro is going to be bigger, heavier, and faster, with a faster Thunderbolt Display and up to twice the battery life. All of this comes thanks to a dual core processor and 4K screen, in combination with up to 64GB of onboard storage which will allow users to share media with up to 10 others.

Q: With the iMac’s GPU it seems very similar to how the Mac Pro GPU is used, do you have any hopes that things will be more similar once they actually get shipped in all Mac Pros?

A: When a system comes to market, they can’t make technical specifications public and this is where some

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How does the new Mac Pro compare to similar PC computers?

Q: How does the new Mac Pro compare to similar PC computers? Is it better?

The biggest improvement over the old Mac Pro computer was in its multi-threading technology. This allows multiple CPUs and GPUs to share the same data across multiple cores while saving power. One of the main reasons Apple chose to go back to multi-core processors is because it made them easier to package and easier to program. As such, you will notice major performance bumps for the multi-core CPU when running your apps on the new computer. It is also important to note that new single-threaded computers can run older, more complex applications (or apps that use more than one processor). The only difference is the number of cores available.

To add to memory, Apple introduced two new CPUs in 2012 that have become more like what many other PC manufacturers utilize. The original Mac Pro featured the dual-core Intel Xeon CPU, which was designed to fit into the Mac world as a consumer desktop. The new Mac Pro is more like a business desktop (in that the processor is more similar to the Intel i3 or i5, which have similar CPUs), as it has two AMD Phenom II processors, a Core i5 and Core i7 CPU in combination with Intel’s latest Broadwell processors.

We don’t want to say this is the best laptop we have ever owned, but this machine

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Migration in progress!

Please bear with us as we migrate our store over to our new WordPress/Woocommerce site. Listings are a bit erratic right now until we get our entire library of digital art – as well as our proper inventory of athletic clothes – updated and posted here. We’re doing our best and things should be up and running fully in a few days. We’ll keep you updated!