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2020 Market Value: Apple and Macintosh selling – how to format your listing!

How much is my vintage Apple Computer / Macintosh worth?

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The type of auction you choose greatly improves or reduces your chances for a successful sale. When setting up your listing, use the following:

  1. Auction Style listings for vintage computers have a 95% success rate. A Buy-It-Now, even with a low price, will actually hurt your chances of maximizing profit.
  2. 3 Day Auction: A quick sale is a good sale. Bidding stops after three days.
  3. Bullet Lists keep it short, sweet, and simple. Vintage computers sell really well on eBay Mobile. Write your listing keeping that tiny cell phone screen in mind. Avoid writing paragraphs of information, as a long listing will actually deter an impulse buyer.
  4. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! The more pictures you have, the greater your chances of a sale!