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2020 Market Value: Apple and Macintosh computers: Parts out vs. complete system

How much is my vintage Apple Computer / Macintosh worth?

A Retromatti Blog Series

Some computer models are actually worth more in parts. A Mac SE/30 may only fetch $100 as a complete unit but could fetch nearly $400 in parts. Certain parts are highly prized (like the internal floppy drive, the ram, etc.).

Upgrade kits are very valuable today. Different economics applied to computers in those days. The thought of buying a new computer every two years was unheard of, so the idea was that you bought it, made repairs as needed, and kept it until it completely wore out. Macs were originally designed to be upgraded rather than replaced. By the late 80s, it became apparent that hardware limitations impeded upgrades and by the early 90s, Apple abolished upgrading altogether. 

Research what your computer has and it will help determine whether it is worth more as a complete unit or as a parts box. The prices contained on this page are based on successful eBay listings, not unsold listings. In other words, anyone can ask for $10,000 for a Mac Plus, but nobody’s going to pay that much for it.