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2020 Market Value: Apple Newton MessagePad

How much is my vintage Apple Computer / Macintosh worth?

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Being twenty years ahead of its time made the Newton a flop at its initial release. It was capable of nearly everything the iPad would later do, including word processing, phone calls, internet browsing, games, and more. The most valuable variant was a special clear case edition.

Original MessagePad Complete System: 
Mint Condition: Up to $1,400
Working Condition: Up to $350
Broken: Up to $100

MessagePad 100 Complete System: 
Mint Condition: 
Up to $560
Working Condition: 
Up to $350
Up to $100

*The price of Newton MessagePads tend to roller coaster on eBay. As of 2015, values are considerably less than they were in 2011.