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2020 Market Value: Apple Macintosh TV

How much is my vintage Apple Computer / Macintosh worth?

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Released as a limited edition in 1993, the Macintosh TV was one of the few desktops ever released in black and Apple’s first attempt at computer-television integration. Equipped with a cable TV ready tuner card and a television monitor, the TV could switch from a computer to a television set in a matter of seconds and even came with a remote control. Yet it was incapable of recording live video, only still frames. Its poor processor speed and other limitations made the unit a failure and ultimately only 10,000 were sold.

Complete System: 
Mint Condition: Up to $500
Working Condition: Up to $350
Broken: Up to $100

Part Out Value: $150 – $300

Most Valuable Component: TV Tuner Card