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The Etsy Conspiracy.

This store is part of an ongoing onspiracy of stores on Etsy who sell blanket copyright violating content and then delist all of their listings:

This isn’t whistleblowing, these are TRUE copyright violations of Star Wars, Dr. Seuss, Disney, Pixar, many protected Anime and popular TV shows. It’s flabbergasting. These places just keep on popping up with the same intellectual property violating listings, over and over again. They need to be shut down!

These stores buy from each other initially to stimulate sales and post good reviews which raises their search positions, then after a blast of sales if they are caught they delist all their items but it’s clear from the reviews on each of these stores that ALL THEY SELL IS COPYRIGHT VIOLATION MATERIAL.

Stores Involved (these check out to be cross linked by reviews and I’m sure cross purchases from their owners in the back end):







If you look at the listings of even one of these stores with listings still in operation, you’ll see that the listings are the SAME ITEMS as the ones reviewed on the the other, older and quietly dorment stores… the images in the reviews of the older stores are identical to the new listings in the current stores! 

These are the minimum stores involved and they are probably being run by the same person or same group of people.

This email along with the evidence that you will see if you look at the stores above has been sent to some larger blog sites and online journalism sources, including ones of intrinsic interest to etsy stock prices and market share. Be responsible guys, shut these assholes down!

If you want to know who this is sending this email, I’m another Etsy shop owner who sells ORIGINAL content and am sick of seeing my shop’s sales decline because another one of these assholes pops up! Shut ’em down Etsy! For my sake and the sake of all your original content makers like me!