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2020 Market Value: Apple Macintosh 128k

How much is my vintage Apple Computer / Macintosh worth?

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Released in January 1984 as the very first Macintosh, the 128k was the first personal computer to feature a Graphic User Interface, a basic feature that would define home computing for decades to come. The 128k was also the first to feature a 3.5″ floppy disk drive. Adding to its collector’s value is the travel case that came with every 128k. Complete, non-upgraded systems, with original packaging, manuals, software disks, and travel case, will easily fetch $2,000+ on eBay.

M0001 Complete Unit
Mint Condition: Up to $2,700
Working Condition: Up to $650
Broken: $20 -$35
Part Out Value
Parts and Components: $100 – 300
Most Valuable Component: Internal Floppy Drive*

* The grease originally used to lubricate the internal floppy drive may solidify after 30 years of non-use, rendering the drive useless. Soaking the drive in an acetone bath overnight will restore the drive to working order!