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2020 Market Value: Apple I

How much is my vintage Apple Computer / Macintosh worth?

A Retromatti Blog Series

The Apple I is the original Apple computer model. It is one of the most highly valued collectable computers worldwide. Around 200 units were ever made, making it quite rare – it’s also easily the most valuable Apple computer period. 61 of them were confirmed to exist in 2013, with only six of these functional. Current figures are not exactly known. Prices listed are in American dollars.

2013 – Apple 1 sold at Christie’s Auction for $390,000. [Source]

2014 – Working Apple 1 sold for $905,000, the world record price for an Apple 1. [Source]

eBay has had many over the years, with the highest winning bid for one has been $43,000.

2016 saw an Apple 1 prototype, sold at auction for $815,000. [Source]

2018, a working Apple 1 sold at a Boston Auction for $375,000. [Source]

Note: Apple 1 Replica

These often surface on eBay either the ‘Replica 1’ from Briel Computer or the Newton NTI clone. The value for an unassembled replica is around $1,000 for the kit, a figure that seems to be stable over time.