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How to wear hockey garters

Ice hockey players wear pants that end just above the knee. The rest of the legs are covered with team-colored socks. The last thing a hockey player needs to worry about is his socks falling down while playing.

Wearing Hockey Socks

Attach the hockey garter belt around the waist. It contains four clips (two for each leg) that are to be attached to the socks.

After you put on the shin guards, pull the socks up over them. Make sure they are fully stretched up to the middle of your thigh. Attach the two front clips to the front center of each sock. Attach the two back clips to the back center of each sock.

Provide additional support so the socks won’t fall by applying hockey tape around the top of each sock and secure them to an undergarment such as light sweatpants or shorts. Wrap the tape twice around each leg. Some players also wrap clear hockey tape, or tape that is close in color to the sock, tightly across the area where the shin guard is located to help keep the guard in position.

A popular method is to use only tape. Tape applied to the top of the socks secures them to the undergarment Wrap the tape twice around the leg. Wrap additional tape around the shin guard area.

Men and boys wear special shorts that hold the protective cup. These shorts have Velcro flaps that attach to the top of the socks to prevent them from falling. Tape can be wrapped around the top of the sock as well as around the shin guard area for additional support.