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Where are the best gay cruising spots in Toronto?

Where are the best gay cruising spots in Toronto? How do you know?

There aren’t any cruising spots near my house. What I love about Toronto is that you can come out there and meet other gay people, so I don’t even have to worry about having to explain to everyone that I’m straight!

Q: Why did you write The Best Canadian Sex Clubs?

I have to point out that I wrote it while sitting cross-legged on the grass in a tree with a hot dog stuck in my mouth, because I just couldn’t resist telling myself I’m gay and that if I could do it, I’d do it everywhere. It was never about being an expert at gay spots. It was about looking at and seeing which spots have the best sex scenes.

Q: Are there any gay bars in Canada?

No, not yet!

Q: Why aren’t there gay bars in Canada?

Canada’s gay culture is so weird that you need a straight guide to understand it. It might as well be Russian roulette.

Q: What are you studying now?

I’m finishing some degree in history, so right now I’m kind of studying about gay bars in Toronto and Toronto politics. At the top of any gay bar, they’ll tell you anything. “Do you have any kinky friends