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When will the Apple driverless car come out?

Q: When will the Apple driverless car come out?

Answer: There’s going to be a beta of a new version of the driverless car software coming soon. For now, we’re waiting until the OS is out of beta and it’s clear that the drivers are ready when it’s ready.

Q: How are these cars made? Will they come in 3D or in the standard 4D?

Answer: These cars are made on the cloud and are powered by a Tesla Gigafactory. When we first started the project, we started by designing and building a driver-activated Tesla electric car. In that car, our goal was to build an automated driverless system that didn’t require humans to do anything manually. By placing the driver into this connected self-driving vehicle, we can keep the car’s data off the road to prevent accidents, save lives, and reduce emissions.

Q: What is the advantage of using a cloud like Tesla? For consumers, cars are often considered costly to own and maintain since you will always need to pay insurance when driving an electric car.

Answer: Most companies have gone with proprietary network solutions, which cost money. But with Tesla, we’ve replaced that business model with cloud services that are available with no upfront cost. We’re using Tesla’s self-driving software which you can install on your own computer