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What are the specs of the new Mac Pro tower?

Q: What are the specs of the new Mac Pro tower? How much power is needed?

A: The Apple A10 Fusion chip which powers the Mac Pro tower comes in at 8.1W maximum, and can pump out 5.6 TFLOP’s of raw performance. With the upcoming Xeon Phi system inside each of the new Mac Pro tower, we’re expecting around 10.9 TFLOPs of raw performance, and an amazing 6x improvement over the previous generation Mac Pro. More details on the new Mac Pro tower are coming, and the next generation of iMacs are going to deliver even more raw performance.

Q: How does this compare to the new iMac?

A: The new iMac Pro is going to be bigger, heavier, and faster, with a faster Thunderbolt Display and up to twice the battery life. All of this comes thanks to a dual core processor and 4K screen, in combination with up to 64GB of onboard storage which will allow users to share media with up to 10 others.

Q: With the iMac’s GPU it seems very similar to how the Mac Pro GPU is used, do you have any hopes that things will be more similar once they actually get shipped in all Mac Pros?

A: When a system comes to market, they can’t make technical specifications public and this is where some