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How does the new Mac Pro compare to similar PC computers?

Q: How does the new Mac Pro compare to similar PC computers? Is it better?

The biggest improvement over the old Mac Pro computer was in its multi-threading technology. This allows multiple CPUs and GPUs to share the same data across multiple cores while saving power. One of the main reasons Apple chose to go back to multi-core processors is because it made them easier to package and easier to program. As such, you will notice major performance bumps for the multi-core CPU when running your apps on the new computer. It is also important to note that new single-threaded computers can run older, more complex applications (or apps that use more than one processor). The only difference is the number of cores available.

To add to memory, Apple introduced two new CPUs in 2012 that have become more like what many other PC manufacturers utilize. The original Mac Pro featured the dual-core Intel Xeon CPU, which was designed to fit into the Mac world as a consumer desktop. The new Mac Pro is more like a business desktop (in that the processor is more similar to the Intel i3 or i5, which have similar CPUs), as it has two AMD Phenom II processors, a Core i5 and Core i7 CPU in combination with Intel’s latest Broadwell processors.

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